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Frequently Asked Questions

Headcover DAO is not your average NFT project.  Its the first of its kind to combine NFTs and Physical goods obtained through a redemption process.  Its also the first Direct To Consumer product to be lead, creatively, by it's community.  Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions about the DAO.

What is Headcover DAO?

Headcover DAO is the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization centered around digital and physical headcovers for golf clubs. The designs will be proposed and selected by the members of the DAO so that we can all enjoy our collections on our terms. This is not a PFP (profile picture) The NFTs created for Headcover DAO are more like certificates of authenticity, membership passes, and collectables all in one.


What is a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Think of them like an internet-native business that's collectively owned and managed by its members. In the case of Headcover DAO, members will have creative input over the headcovers and other merchandise that we produce. Members can propose NFT acquisitions for IP usage, vote on upcoming release schedules and more. There will be a committee of leaders that will help guide and execute on proposals, but everyone will have the same voting rights defined in the upcoming DAO Constitution (TBD)


When will the Genesis Doubloons be released?

Our announced launch date is January 4th, 2023. (any launch date is subject to change due to extreme circumstances, but all signs point to this date as final.)


How much will it cost?

Genesis Doubloons will mint for 0.123 Ξ


Future Headcover NFTs are still TBD, but the goal is to make them a cheap as possible for DAO members. (a little above cost, plus and IP procurement costs)  We want our members to have first crack at adding to their collections and the choice to set the resale market value.


How many will be available?

For our Genesis Collection, there will only be 100 Doubloons available.  Future mint passes may be added but they will be under a separate collection with different benefits.  This is all based on the future demand for more mint passes should it arise.


Are there rarity levels or traits?

Yes and No.


For Doubloon NFTs, there are no rarities or traits.  There are no traits per se, but there will be 2 tiers of rarity.  Each Headcover drop will consist of set numbers of each type (Blade or Mallet) and design (Commons and Ultras). For instance: if you buy a Blade Headcover; your NFT will be 1 out of X number of that particular headcover. So the amount of each type is always dependent on how many are claimed by members.  Each drop will include the chance to mint an Ultra Rare cover which will be determined at random during the minting process.

Ready to Join?

You can find the latest available NFTs on Opensea or come join the conversation at our Discord.

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